Please remember that it’s ok to be a beginner

So much of life is lived in a hurry. It can be VERY easy and VERY tempting to get swept along by the rush of schedules, appointments, responsibilities and commitments. Some of that busy swirl is of course, unavoidable. However the constant grind of getting things done, kicking work goals, and ticking tasks off our to-do list, can become strangely addictive. Without meaning to, we can unknowingly find ourselves seeking out the endorphin rush of marking something as complete.

A sense of achievement is great, but in constantly striving to get ourselves from ‘here to there’ as quickly as possible, we can become conditioned into believing that EVERYTHING should happen all at once. Rather than accepting that some things won’t happen straight away, or even very quickly, we can become solely focused on that rush of achievement. In our impatience to cross the finish line, we can unfortunately lose sight of the process.

Most of the really big things you may want to achieve in life – building a business, writing a book, raising a family, building your strength, or increasing your flexibility … well they ALL require time, hard work, and tremendous amounts of patience. It’s therefore super valuable to appreciate the joy of the journey, rather than fixating on the satisfaction of reaching a particular destination.

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This rush to shift from ‘go-to-whoa’ is something I see a lot in beginners who come to class.

This is true for yoga, CrossFit, boxing or pilates … people often arrive with the unrealistic expectation that they’re absolutely going to ‘nail it’ on their very first attempt. When things don’t necessarily go according to that plan – they become frustrated, disheartened, and maybe even give up altogether. And those feelings of disappointment can be especially keen if you start comparing yourself with the performance of others who are at a different stage of their journey.

The thing about trying something new is that it can be freaking terrifying, requiring you to call on big reserves of strength and courage, as you step out of your comfort zone. But as scary as being a beginner can be, if you give yourself permission to wholeheartedly embrace those sometimes awkward and uncomfortable feelings of newness – you’ll discover AMAZING things about yourself along the way.

While you may have some big goal ultimately in mind, if you allow yourself to fall in love with the process of being a beginner, the long term endpoint can become largely redundant. In taking one step, then another, and another … we slowly start to discover that it’s the journey which teaches us so much more.

There are no overnight successes, regardless of how it may look from the outside.

Remember that it’s ok to feel less-than-perfect, and it’s totally fine to not always know what you’re doing. As a beginner sometimes you’ll feel like you suck, and sometimes you’ll feel like you succeed. But however long it takes, if you let yourself love wherever you’re currently at, trust that you’ll always be growing and constantly improving. It might just be in ways that you never quite expected.