That thing you enjoy, do that

crossfit, garage gym, home gym, do what you love, be consistent

In theory I like to keep things simple. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. But in reality I’m a complex creature who likes variety in all parts of my life – including the food I eat, the hobbies I enjoy, and how I move my body. In the past this diversity could have […]

How to overcome the expectation / reality divide

expectation, reality, difference between expectation and reality

I was expecting yesterday to be a BIG writing day. But when I tallied up what I achieved on the page, it came to a grand total of three sentences. *sigh* It seems my page and I managed to accidentally demonstrate the truth of that great, cavernous divide between expectation and reality. It’s a truth […]

Now is always the right time to reinvent yourself

reinvention, haircut, making changes, being brave, begin again, starting over,

When the calendar clicked over to the start of this year, I felt like most everyone but me was all ‘EFF YEAH, 2018!’ My low-key attitude caused no angst, it just got me curious. Even though the next 12 months include some very big personal goals, taking my time to ease into this new year […]

Three Capes Track – My Walking Experience

3 capes track, surveyors, tasmania hike

Linger. Two syllables heard repeated in the rhythmic tread of my feet, pulled along by the gusting winds sweeping from sea to shore, and felt deep within each beat of my heart. Such was my experience walking the Three Capes Track. Linger. Sounding at once like a promise and a temptation. The Three Capes delivers […]

How to vibrate higher & keep yourself grounded

stay grounded, lift yourself up, stay light, be curious, personal growth

I’ve got a lot happening in my world right now – my energy is up, action is being taken and progress is being made. Magic (in the sense of deep thought and hard work) IS happening, and I’m loving it! The air around me is buzzing with possibility. I know it’s often said, but attitude […]

The simplicity of walking (& the wisdom of dogs)

walking, dog walking, the benefits of walking, the joy of simplicity,

Being somewhat complex creatures, we sometimes forget about the power of simplicity. Take for instance, walking. Getting out and about for a stroll must be one of the simplest ways to get moving … but we’re almost pre-programmed to dismiss anything that’s easy, or feel almost apologetic about enjoying something so straightforward. Just because something […]