That thing you enjoy, do that

crossfit, garage gym, home gym, do what you love, be consistent

In theory I like to keep things simple. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. But in reality I’m a complex creature who likes variety in all parts of my life – including the food I eat, the hobbies I enjoy, and how I move my body. In the past this diversity could have […]

Workout 17.3 – my CrossFit Open experience

crossfit open, crossfit open 2017, 17.3, squat snatch, pull-ups

Ok. So this has been the TOUGHEST recap to write, not because there was nothing to say, mostly because I’m still not entirely sure if 17.3 ACTUALLY happened. 😂 Let me explain. Perhaps because last week’s workout challenged me in so many ways, I found myself approaching 17.3 with a much calmer mindset, and just feeling ready for anything. […]