That thing you enjoy, do that

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In theory I like to keep things simple. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. But in reality I’m a complex creature who likes variety in all parts of my life – including the food I eat, the hobbies I enjoy, and how I move my body. In the past this diversity could have […]

Workout 17.3 – my CrossFit Open experience

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Ok. So this has been the TOUGHEST recap to write, not because there was nothing to say, mostly because I’m still not entirely sure if 17.3 ACTUALLY happened. 😂 Let me explain. Perhaps because last week’s workout challenged me in so many ways, I found myself approaching 17.3 with a much calmer mindset, and just feeling ready for anything. […]

On spending (almost) 6 months with CrossFit

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‘These women are total badasses‘… I remember this EXACT thought coming to mind during my first ever CrossFit workout (which just happened to be with an awesome group of super strong women). Since I first stepped into the box way back then, so much has changed. Sure, I’m still constantly inspired by that fantastic group of total badasses, I […]

Reflections of a novice powerlifter

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Being competitive is not my natural state. And that’s not because I’m afraid of hard work or don’t enjoy winning (in fact, I’m totes down with both). I just often feel like it’s unnecessary. I’m quite happy being over here doing my thing, while people are over there happily doing their thing. I’m just cool […]

Why I haven’t tried CrossFit … yet

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Even though it’s easily been one of the biggest fitness movements of recent years, I’ve been hesitant to give CrossFit a go. As someone who loves trying new things in the gym and in strength training generally, this is very strange for me. So why the reluctance? It’s not like I’m fundamentally opposed to the idea […]