Why you should be training & not exercising

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Great power is held within and transmitted by words. We all know this in the way we choose one word over another, depending on the intensity of emotion we wish to convey. An important distinction is made when we use ‘like’ rather than ‘love’, or ‘dislike’ instead of ‘hate’. Of course, the power of words goes […]

On spending (almost) 6 months with CrossFit

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‘These women are total badasses‘… I remember this EXACT thought coming to mind during my first ever CrossFit workout (which just happened to be with an awesome group of super strong women). Since I first stepped into the box way back then, so much has changed. Sure, I’m still constantly inspired by that fantastic group of total badasses, I […]

Why I haven’t tried CrossFit … yet

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Even though it’s easily been one of the biggest fitness movements of recent years, I’ve been hesitant to give CrossFit a go. As someone who loves trying new things in the gym and in strength training generally, this is very strange for me. So why the reluctance? It’s not like I’m fundamentally opposed to the idea […]

Back to basics: fitness, food & feelings

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I wouldn’t call myself much of a shopper these days. Well, unless I can count buying groceries, pet food and activewear, because they pretty much form the bulk of my shopping. Every once in a rare while I do miss my more materialistic days, because it’d be great to own more ‘nice’ clothes and buy books upon books upon […]