Now is always the right time to reinvent yourself

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When the calendar clicked over to the start of this year, I felt like most everyone but me was all ‘EFF YEAH, 2018!’ My low-key attitude caused no angst, it just got me curious. Even though the next 12 months include some very big personal goals, taking my time to ease into this new year […]

5 Way to Boost Creativity (in all parts of your life)

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When I tell people that I’m a writer, there are two reactions I most commonly receive. The first is often, ‘Really?’ accompanied by a look of disbelief … not because I think people necessarily doubt my ability. Instead I think it’s more a sense of wonder about how you could possibly make a living from […]

Is your life busy or full?

Many, many years ago I had a friend who absolutely hated being asked how she was. It would make her really, really angry. True story. Asking someone, ‘How are you?’ is a pretty standard conversation opener, and so whenever I was speaking to this particular friend I was always really paranoid about accidentally uttering those three little […]