How to vibrate higher & keep yourself grounded

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I’ve got a lot happening in my world right now – my energy is up, action is being taken and progress is being made. Magic (in the sense of deep thought and hard work) IS happening, and I’m loving it! The air around me is buzzing with possibility. I know it’s often said, but attitude […]

Why you should be training & not exercising

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Great power is held within and transmitted by words. We all know this in the way we choose one word over another, depending on the intensity of emotion we wish to convey. An important distinction is made when we use ‘like’ rather than ‘love’, or ‘dislike’ instead of ‘hate’. Of course, the power of words goes […]

A radiant life: The Radiant Retreat Sydney 2016

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Late last year when I first saw the Radiance Retreat would be travelling to Australia, all I remember thinking was ‘YES!’ It was a definite and unwavering feeling of rightness which told me that this is exactly what I needed. There was no question, no second guessing. I just KNEW. So clearly I was placing no pressure at […]